Glamour Doll Eyes: December OTM

Saturday, December 29, 2012

One of the most difficult things to get my hands on has been Glamour Doll Eyes "Of The Month's" releases but I lucked out for December and saw the email before it sold out! Woot! I can't wait for the January OTMs so if you want to get your hands on it make sure to sign up on Glamour Doll Eyes website and stalk your email because once sold out that's it there is no more.

From Glamour Doll Eyes website:

Glamour Doll Eyes will be releasing a new color each month that we will call "Of The Month's". These products will be limited to just that month and will be sold for only that month. The item of the month may be an eye shadow, an eye light or maybe even a lip product. Whatever it may be, you can guarantee that it will be awesome!! You can choose just to get the item that month when it is listed, or opt to get a 3 month or 6 month subscription. Each month, the items will be released on the 15th. If you order a subscription, they will be mailed off sooner, so you will get first look at the new item. There will only be 100 of each color each month so picking up a subscription will guarantee that you will get the color the following months. Once all subscriptions are shipped for that month, the color will then be sold as an individual for whatever is left.

The December OTM was $10 however I also ordered a second jar of Feline Fatale ($6), which has become my absolutely favorite shade of purple loose shadow, so my total order with shipping was $18.12. So ready to take a look at the December OTM from GDE?

A closer look at Polar Bear Kisses from Kiss My Sass Cosmetics. Notice the gold flecks?

 Left to right: Laced With Snow, Cat in a Parka, You've Got Coal

Left to right: Laced With Snow, Cat in a Parka, You've Got Coal & Feline Fatale (not part of the December OTM, item purchased separately). Swatched over GDE Foil Me at the top but dragged over bare skin. Indoors with flash.

A closer look at "Eye Bright" highlighter from Glamour Doll Eyes.

The "Eye Bright" will be part of the permanent collection. It is a highlighter that can be used on the eyes or used as a primer the info on the card is this:
You can use it as a primer for your eyes or just a brow bone/inner corner highlight. It can also be used as a face highlight, however, it is a little oiler than most.
Not shown are the two samples from the upcoming "Halo Collection" and the Sedona Lace brush.

My thoughts.

I only have a couple of superficial complaints.
  1. Cat in a Parka is limited color so once I'm out I can never get my hands on it again. :(
  2. You've Got Coal is a limited color and like Cat in a Parka once I'm out that's it no more. :(
These two issues makes me a Sad Panda. I like Laced with Snow but my two favorites of the three December OTM colors were Cat in a Parka and You've Got Coal. As for Polar Bear Kisses from Kiss My Sass. Love the color and love the scent but it's also a limited edition item.

Cat in a Parka is my over all favorite of the three colors it a lovely burgundy color that leans on the purple side. You've Got Coal is a "matte black with purple and red sheen" but to me it's not a true matte or at least it's not a boring matte. All three are very pigmented that I used very little in the swatches and you can see it just pops even more so if you use more. I'm of the belief that use as little as possible because you can build it up if you want but it's just a waste to start off with so much.

As for my 2nd purchase - Feline Fatale - this is my 2nd jar of it. It is as close to my idea of the perfect purple. Let's put it this way, if I DIDN'T like it or love that color I wouldn't have bought a 2nd jar.

Overall I loved the December 2012 OTM items and can't wait for the January one. It was worth the price and if I could buy it again I would.

FTC Disclaimer: Items purchased by me for my own personal use.


  1. It looks like the shadows have a nice complexity to them.


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