Beauty Army's Locked + Loaded: A comparison in sizes

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

There has been some talk on about how tiny the sample of Locked + Loaded eye shadow from Beauty Army is so I wanted to share this with everyone who maybe upset by the size.

I did order the Locked + Loaded in my November sampler box but I won't get it for about two weeks. So here's a screenshot from my account profile.


The Locked & Loaded is 0.03 oz. Now for comparison two shadows I have - one came from Ipsy and one I bought at Target.

The S.A.L.T.Y. is 0.035 oz (1 gram) while the E.L.F. is 0.02 oz less than 1 gram but the container is larger. E.L.F. shadow is 0.02 ounce which is about a 1/2 gram (0.056 699 046 25 gram). So the E.L.F. container is less product in a bigger jar. (Note: The E.L.F. jars I have are marked 0.02 oz however E.L.F's website states the mineral shadows are 0.03 oz now. The shadows I bought came in a duo set sold at Target during the summer of 2011.)

S.A.L.T.Y. shadow against Glamour Doll Eyes sample baggie (0.5 gram). I'm getting the same amount from my sample as I am from ELF except it's in a baggie instead of a huge jar.

Glamour Doll Eyes' Veteran (full size) in a sifter jar so it has between 1.5 gram to 2 grams (in a 5 gram jar) vs Fyrinnae's Bite Me 3 grams (full size) in a 5 gram jar (no sifter) and on the right is the S.A.L.T.Y. which is 0.035 oz (1 gram). This makes the Fyrinnae the most amount of product by triple the SALTY yet it's in the same size container. The one from Beauty Army is 0.03 oz (just slightly less than 1 gram).

Note: I chose the GDE with a sifter versus one without. Had I picked GDE without the sifter I would have been sent a container with 3 grams of products making it the same amount as Fyrinnae's. Fyrinnae did not offer a sifter at the time I bought Bite Me.

So while the Beauty Army jar is tiny once you put it into perspective it's a good size for a sample. It's virtually the same amount as the one from Ipsy and MORE than the ELF FULL SIZE jar. The ELF container is far larger than any of the other jars yet it has the least amount of product.

E.L.F (full size) 0.02 oz 0.5 gram (0.566 990 462 5 gram)
S.A.L.T.Y (full size?) 0.035 oz 1 gram (0.992 233 309 38 gram)
Fyrinnae (full size) 0.11 oz (0.105 821 885 85 ounce) 3 grams
Glamour Doll Eyes (full size) 0.05 oz - 0.07 oz 1.5 - 2 grams
Glamour Doll Eyes (sample size) 0.02 oz (0.017 636 980 975 ounce) 0.5 grams
Locked + Loaded (sample size) 0.03 oz 0.85 gram (0.850 485 693 75 gram)

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