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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Have you heard of Little Black Bag yet? If you haven't then a little background LLB. In Japan merchants have two types of grab bags which they offer to the customers - one type is called a Lucky Bag or Mystery Bag (Fukubukuro), the other is called a Misfortune Bag (Utsuburkuro). LBB is based on the Fukubukuro which has some high end and/or expensive items in the mystery bag. The difference in the LBB is that you get to pick the first item you want and the other two items (or more) remain a mystery until you purchase the bag to see what you get.

LBB has two prices. If you become a monthly member it's $49.95 but if you just want to try it one time only then it's $59.95. My personal view on it is to become a monthly member because it's $10 less and you have the chance to skip a month (by the 5th of each month) or cancel at any time.

I was asked if I would like to do a video for Little Black Bag and Makeup Talk and of course I said yes. Makeup Talk is a LBB Stylist so if you would like to follow us at LBB click here. I also have my own person account which you can find me here. I opened my bag picking the BCBGeneration Snake Embossed Shoulder Bag (retail value: $88) and LBB picked two more items for me - both of which I didn't care for so off to the trades I went!

This was my first time using LBB so the trading was odd at first. I saw immediate offers from people but some tried to trade my $88 purse for $12 earrings! I turned down all offers on my purse because I wanted to keep it and no one offered me the other purse that I was eying. If you're new to LBB make sure to watch those trade values because you might accidentally trade your high value item for a low value one. Each item in your bag can be traded individually or, if the offer comes in, several items. For my purse, for example, at one point someone offered me three items - a pair of earrings and two bangle bracelets for my purse while another person offered me a different purse plus nail wraps. If there's something you see in someone else bag you can offer them a trade of one or more of your items. The ladies at Makeup Talk are REALLY good at their trades with several of them able to walk away from trading with three or four purses and accessories!

At the end of the week I ended up with my BCBGeneration purse along with a pair of Kenneth Cole New York Cluster Earrings (retail value: $28) and a Present Time Two Tone Picture Frame (retail value: $14). My bag's total value was $130 of which had I paid for this out of my own pocket it would have been only $49.95 which is a savings of about 62%.

The reasons I picked the picture frame and earrings are this. I picked the picture frame because it's green which is my eldest daughter's class color (Color Wars) and so I plan on using it for her senior picture this year (she graduates in less than 11 months). I picked the earrings because I have other grape cluster earrings which I love - which she also loves judging by how mine disappear often. The purse I refused to trade because I happen to love snake skin patterns plus it's the perfect size for my iPad and iPad keyboard along with my wallet, keys and a couple of little things like a lip gloss and compact.

One of the things I didn't mention in my video was the return policy. If for any reason that you don't like the items you received or if the items arrived damaged LBB's return policy is great and they will credit your account. From their Help page:
If for any reason you don’t like the products we send you, return them unused and we’ll give you the equivalent credit in your next bag. If you want a refund, contact customer service at 310-421-4500 prior to sending your shipment back to us.

So would I do it again? Yup. In fact when I get back from Las Vegas I'm going to open a new bag on my own account. I won't do it now because I'll be in Vegas from Friday the 20th until Wednesday the 25th. I highly recommend, if you plan on making a purchase at LBB, that you become a monthly member because it's $10 less, you have the option to skip by the 5th of the month (and won't be charged if you skip) and you can cancel at any time.

Disclaimer: This review contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR.


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