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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

MyGlam is a month-to-month beauty bag subscription service that costs $10 a month. As many of you know and for those that don't it was launched in November 2011 with the first bag sent out December 2011. March marks the fourth bag sent out. At this time MyGlam is no longer accepting new subscribers and there is no word on when the subscriptions will reopen.

My March MyGlam bag on March 14 and while I already knew what products were being sent out to members and I knew of the complaints about the smell of the March products I didn't except my bag and the contents to REEK. It was so bad that it triggered a migraine which lasted all day despite taking migraine medication for it.

I placed my items in a brown paper bag overnight so that the bag would absorb the smell, it's an old trick I learned over the years ago for something else but what something else is I couldn't tell you. lol The next day I removed the items and the paper bag reeked while the products inside were less smelly. I decided not to do it again and just let the items air out. In the week's time that has passed all the items but the cosmetic bag itself no longer smell, the cosmetic bag still has a lingering odor so I'm going to clean out the lining with alcohol then place a couple of tea bags inside.

I didn't do a sneak peek this month for two reasons - the first is that I didn't have my computer at the time the pages were loaded onto the MyGlam website. My hdd died so the hubby spent that weekend fixing my computer. Second, I signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that everything I saw while at the MyGlam warehouse and offices I couldn't fully disclose to the public. That meant for March no sneak peeks despite knowing what was coming in the March bags.

Since MyGlam launched the March page I went ahead and added the March contents to my MyGlam product page.

My March Bag

3Lab Perfect Cleansing Foam 3.4 oz ($40.00)

I received the cleansing foam and I've tried it since and found that you only need a small amount. I know some people hate the product because they think it will cause pimples due to the MyristicAcid in it. I personally like it and have had no problems with it. I like it so much in fact that I chose it among my Beautyfix 2nd quarter products!

For those who got it and are worried about the MyristicAcid in it my suggestion, which is a fantastic tip I'm passing along from a Makeup Talk member, is to use it as a brush cleaner! One of the members found that the cleansing foam makes a killer brush cleaner!

Dermstore $25 "gift card"

I've said it before and I'll say it again - it's not a gift card if you're required to make a purchase in a certain amount. In fact in my state you can't call these types of promotional coupons as gift cards but still most companies don't comply with every state law out there. I get these types of "gift cards" from New Beauty Testtube and it has always irked me.

Still, this isn't a bad promo code but I don't count it towards the value of the bag since it requires you to select $50 in merchandise to save $25 (you end up paying $25 plus any applicable shipping and/or tax). Am I going to use mine? Not sure at this time.

Keracolor Color Enhancing Leave-In Treatment ($9.99)

As you can see in my picture I have two - one came in my March MyGlam bag and the other directly from Keracolor. Keracolor was giving away to the first 300 people who liked their Facebook a free sample of their product.

I'm aware that people dislike this product and here's some of the reasons. For some they're finding their hair looks very oily after using it. It's possible they're using too much for their hair and it's also possible their hair type is incompatible with the product. Some found it to be drying and leaves their hair looking dull and lifeless.

Me... well I did try it after washing my hair with the last of my Obliphica Hairkop Treatment Shampoo that I received in my February The Look Bag. I used a little less than half the packet. What you is fold the packet in half so the package is in a rectangular shape versus the square shape you see in the picture then cut the package open and squeeze it so product from both sides of the bags come out evenly. I applied it to my damp hair then used a wide-tooth comb to further distribute it in my hair.

Within minutes of using it my scalp began to tingle almost as if I had just applied hair dye to my hair. I don't know if it was due to the Keracolor or the Obliphica Hairkop Treatment Shampoo but my scalp tingled for a very long time after that. Once my hair dried it did look more shiny HOWEVER it also felt brittle and dry to the touch.

Oh yes, and then there is the smell. It reminded me of cheap perm solution which took me right back to beauty school! LOL The smell did dissipate once my hair dried but my kids and husband thought my hair reeked the entire time my hair was drying. I don't use a hair dryer often - unless I absolutely have to - so needless to say my hair was stinky for a while. lol I'll eventually have my mini-review on Keracolor up since I want to try again using my normal Suave Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner and see how it works out with that.

Murad Eyelift (sample packet)

This small sachet is good for a few uses since you really don't need that much. I once had a sample satchet from Anastasia Beverly Hills and I used the whole thing all over my face and my face felt Botoxed! It was so tight, lesson learned, some items - even satchet packets - can be stretched out, not all but some. This is one of those items that you can stretch out for a few uses (three, possibly four).

Still, I know people are upset about how tiny the sample is and I don't blame them  because people are expecting at least deluxe-size items not sample sachets.

MyGlam crease brush and case ($6.94)

I'm estimating the brush and case at $6.94 however it maybe valued more. I got the number based on the price of a similar brush from Crown Brush and one similar from Sigma. I took the price from the Crown Brush and the price from Sigma and added the two together then divide by two which gave me the average price of $6.94. I didn't factor the case at all in the price I set which once you factor it in may make the item worth more than $10. So my price is arbitrary.

As for the brush itself, I like it. It's nice fluffy crease brush which I will eventually use. Not crazy about the pink color (I really don't care for pink) but it's cute. If the case is any indication there possibly maybe more brushes coming down the line from MyGlam.

The downside to this is the case, I've heard from many people that the magnets inside the case do not align properly which means the case cover doesn't close properly. It's potentially an easy fix by simply sliding the magnets around until they touch but how easy it is to actually do so is another matter.

Pure-Lisse Daily Moisturizer (sample packet)

This is a small basically one to two time use sample which has upset many a subscriber on the MyGlam Facebook wall. I can understand why they are unhappy because they are expecting more deluxe-size items versus small one-time to two-time use packets.

I haven't tried this moisturizer yet however  I'll eventually will try it... after all the other moisturizer sachets that I have to yet try. lol

I know on Dermstore the full size, 1.7 oz, normally retails for $55 but it's on sale this month for $44 (20% off) because of their MyGlam association this month. Would I buy it? Probably not, least not at this time especially since I have to even try it. If I absolutely loved it then I might especially since I have the $25 coupon code to use with it (but I'd also have to buy something at least $6 more dollars to use the promo code to begin with).

My bag value: $56.93 (approximately)

My Thoughts 

I saw the March bag back on March 2 while in San Francisco and loved the bag. There was no odor to the bag at the time which leads me to believe that the odor is caused by the glue used to seal the bubble mailers. The bubble mailers has a thin adhesive from the manufacturer however beginning in January the bags were seal at the warehouse differently and since then each month when you opened the bubble mailers the bags would reek. I know others have stated they believe the smell is coming from the cosmetic bag itself, but again I was able to smell the bags at the warehouse and there was no smelly odor to it. Others have stated they believe it came from the brush and case. The only way to know for sure is if the warehouse discontinues using the glue used to seal the bubble mailers.

As for the contents itself, I'm pretty pleased with what I got but again I was already aware of all the products being sent out to subscribers which helped me not get disappointed by the items since I got to physically see everything in person. Everything in the bag was and are good products by pretty good companies. Dermstore itself is a good site - they are also the company that has Beautyfix (a quarterly beauty box service). I'm a Beautyfix subscriber as well (see 1st Quarter review) so I'm familiar with the products.

When I was in San Francisco, Emily and I had the pleasure of actually being able to sit down with Michelle basically on a one-to-one basis (ok, two-to-two since she was with her business partner). We had the chance to talk to her about various things including the future of MyGlam. She said April's bag is going to be "glamorous" (sorry she didn't tell us anything more than that). I know people are upset, they're aware people are upset and both Emily and I made it quiet clear people are angry about the samples being sent out. Subscribers do NOT want kiosk items since it's like on the bottom rung of the cosmetic ladder - kisok (worst) > drugstore > mid-level > high end > designer (best).

Unfortunately bags are planned out in advance with the companies they partner with and stock is limited. Remember MyGlam is one of a dozen beauty box subscription services and many of those beauty box companies work with the same companies which is why there are times you'll find (example) Shea Terra products in Beauty Army one month then in another find it in The Look Bag and in another maybe with Beauty Box 5. So the manufacturer of the product may have (and this is sheer speculation) say 100,000 samples which now has to be distributed among all the companies they work with. I think this is why MyGlam has "OR" items because the stock sent is limited to them from the manufacturers.

Personally I do not like sachets and one-time use items. I really dislike tiny samples because I feel that the manufacturer is being stingy. I understand the cost to make samples, in hopes that customers will actually buy the product, it is a risk but I know I won't buy from a company if I feel they're being stingy. Case in point, my Birchbox this month has a Stila eyeshadow "samples" which is a piece of cardboard with a wee bit of shadow (I don't have the March boxes up yet that my daughters and I received). I think Stila was being stingy since they can send out small samples of the shadows (like maybe 1/2" / 15 mm pans) and I won't buy the product based on a stingy card sample but that's just me.

FTC Disclaimer: As of January 24, 2012 I became a MyGlam Ambassador. This basically means that I'm a voice of subscribers/members to MyGlam. I am not financially compensation nor am I given free products nor given a free subscription. I pay for my MyGlam subscription out of my own pocket for my own personal use.


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