My day at MyGlam

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Home again! My day at MyGlam was fun, long but very fun. So big thank you to Marcelo, Michelle and the staff of MyGlam making us feel welcome.

While I can't spill everything I saw while I was there I can share with you some stuff including answering most questions you may have and things I wanted to confirm for myself.

After Emily and I arrived from the airport we were greeted by Mira who introduced us to Marcelo and the rest of the Glam Team (aka staff). Many of the employees are brand new including one person (on the tech team) who started yesterday. I loved everyone's personalities, they were all fun to be around, I especially loved the tech team because the guys were cute and smart. ;) (Hey Mira, you should post more pics of the boys out to the MyGlam wall since the single ladies would go gaga over them.) ;)

The morning started off in the break room which is pretty big. It's the room where they do replacement bags if they have to send replacement bags or items out to members. In fact, many of you who are waiting for replacement bags you'll be happy to know they haven't forgotten you and are getting ready to ship out some replacements.

The room we were in is NOT the area where the actual main shipment takes place from. That's actually in another city in a HUGE warehouse. We were taken later in the day for a tour so more on that below.

We met Michelle Phan, co-founder of MyGlam, and Mish called me a beauty box guru because I'm so knowledgeable on boxes. That was a nice complement. :) I found her to be charming, sweet, approachable. She's actually very warm and open.

After the initial get to know each other we were taken into the next office which is MyGlam main office. It's where the tech staff and Glam Girls work from.

We spent part of the morning shadowing the Glam Girls (in the pic is Sarah, two of the Glam Girls; in the background a meeting is going on with Michelle, Marcelo and other staff members). We saw first hand how tickets are handled. I gave my input to Alyson on how I think things should handle. There's just so much stuff I think that can be changed for the better, Emily had a ton of notes and gave those to the staff. I gave them my input as well.

Later in the day we were fed. :D I love taking candid moment pics versus posy ones. After lunch we had the opportunity to see what's in store for MyGlam in the future. Unfortunately I can't tell you anything what I saw but again I had the opportunity to give them my input on what I know members of Makeup Talk and on MyGlam would like to see happen.

I was asked a lot of questions at that point in time. I hate being asked questions in front of about 20 people and I was asked lots of questions. Emily had a lot of great ideas, she's so articulate (something I'm not) that I think she was more easily understood that I was. I tend to be more flighty when it comes to my ideas and tend to get off track easily. lol After the show and tell by Trey (the cute ginger that girls on the MyGlam wall are going gaga over) we went back into the main office for photos.

After photos it was time for a road trip to the warehouse. In our car was Mira, Trey (our driver), Emily and myself. Alina and Sarah followed in another car. There's a funny story about our road trip which involved us getting lost because Trey's GPS kept freaking out.

Once we got to the warehouse we were given a tour by the owners of Fullfilco who explained to us how the bags are put together. Because the show and tell went longer than expected and coupled with the fact we got lost we didn't get a chance to see their staff in action putting things together for the March bag but we still got a chance to see the products and a rough idea on what goes on.

Found out why January was a big delivery mess. It indeed was not MyGlam's fault. The fault did indeed happen at the distribution center. Got to see how bags are put together - March bags are being together now (and all I'll say on March bags is you guys will LOVE it, I thought it was cute). So in January the company's computers which prints the labels had a communication error with the UPS MI site - where the database of customers info for them to print the labels is located at. As a result of the computer glitch duplicate labels were printed.

I know in Feb some people's bags were shipped to the wrong address and here's why. MyGlam (the warehouse portion) uses UPS Mail Innovations and last month I know for a FACT that UPS MI had reused tracking #s (I know for a fact because Birchbox also used UPS MI and my BB tracking had TWO addresses listed). While the address listed on the bags were correct the TRACKING # bar - which is what is what the computers read to sort packages for transit - was NOT. As a result many bags were shipped to the wrong address and were caught by the USPS (once in their hands) and couldn't be delivered because the address was undeliverable. Those bags were shipped back to MyGlam. In that case the fault rests with UPS MI because they were (are) reusing tracking #s. Again, MyGlam staff have nothing to do with shipping - that's all on their distribution center which is in another city.

This the distribution center's fourth month with MyGlam and even they are still working out the kinks in getting the bags (manually) assembled. This is why some bags may end up missing products because it's all manually assembled.

The biggest misconception I think MyGlam faces is that people think the MyGlam staff actually put the bags together or that all of the products are shipped to their office when in fact the products don't arrive at MyGlam's offices and instead are shipped to the warehouse.

In the next room from where that giant pallet of boxes were at was the room where the MyGlam bags are put together. We got to see some of the products that will be in the March bag, some of the items we didn't see but know what else is coming.

Along one wall was boxes of more products. That is just a small - and I do mean SMALL - amount of products that will be sent out. Remember, some of the products sent are "OR" products which means you might get item A OR you might get item B OR you might get item C. MyGlam posted a sneak peek of this month's three "OR" items.

If you ever watch Science Channel and watch the show How Do They Do It? I recall there was an episode where they showed how Netflix works and another on how Amazon ships. You can apply that to what Fullfico does but on a smaller scale. Touring the warehouse confirmed what I thought took place as taking place.

After the tour we drove back to San Mateo and had Happy Hour with the Glam Girls and Guys at a cute little restaurant near MyGlam headquarters. Oh the food was delicious! I'm in love with blood oranges and tuna tartare. I also had a drink - and normally I don't drink alcohol. I do love mudslides from Applebees though but does that really count since it's ice cream? LOL I had a Granite Drop though which I slowly sipped since I can't stand alcohol. It was good but strong and I STILL have a headache from that one drink. I'm such a light-weight!

Unfortunately Emily and I had to leave early because we had to catch our flights back. We got the airport probably around 7:30 PM and ran into Michelle. Michelle and the gentleman she was with (another MyGlam partner I believe) went to have a quick bite while Emily and I got some ice cream. Eventually we all sat together and chatted.

The personal one-on-one time with Michelle showed me that more of her private side. She was funny, engaging and outgoing. Talking to her was easy like talking to an old friend. After finishing our food both she and the gentleman she was with went to catch their flight back to LA while Em and I went down to where I was to catch my flight. My flight left an hour before Em so she stayed with me until boarded and then went to go catch her flight.

Overall my day at MyGlam did clear up some things, confirmed what I've previously said in other blog posts, on Facebook and on MUT. If they ever extended the invitation to visit them again I would love to go because I had fun. Hopefully what Em, Sarah, Alina and I said to them (Em and I were more vocal) will be implemented and changes that we would love to see happen will indeed take place. I know from the show and tell that they are working on things for MyGlam and hopefully when those changes roll out that things will improve.

So again thank you Marcelo, Michelle and the MyGlam staff for having us there for the day!

For more images visit my Facebook photo album.


  1. Great meeting you- I was so impressed with your extensive experience and what you're creating here. MyGlam is fortunate to have your input :) Looking forward to more from you in the future!

    1. Thank you Sarah! I wish we had more time to chat. :D Hopefully we'll meet again.

  2. Thanks for such a thorough review! Im excited to hear and SEE some of the things you guys talked about implemented. Im super excited now for march. Your visit revitalized my hopes!

  3. I'm glad they really seem to be trying to sort things out. I hope to give them another chance at some point!


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