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Monday, January 09, 2012

MyGlam has reopened subscriptions (yesterday by the buzz on their Facebook wall) just know that if you subscribe the first bag you'll get will be in February and that you're immediately billed upon subscribing.

As I was looking at the member area of my account I noticed that they switched the "This Holiday's Bag" to This Month's Bag but unfortunately the page (as of this blog entry) is still 404ing. That lead me to remember that each product has an individual review page and so the snoop in me decided to check out to see if those pages were up and sure enough it is!

Curious to know what's coming in the MyGlam bags this month?

Disclaimer: My bag hasn't shipped yet so I'm not 100% sure if everything listed below is exactly what you'll get. There is some speculation at this time about the Freeman masks on whether subscribers will get all three items listed or JUST one. Once I get my bag I'll post a new blog entry on my thoughts on the products I've never tried before (TheBalm, WEN and Sheer Cover).

The bag which was shared on Facebook on December 15, 2011.

Cucumber Facial Peel-Off Masque & Sachets by Freeman
Size: 6 fl. oz/ / 150 mL (large tube) & 0.5 fl. oz 15 mL (sachets)

It looks as if a full size tube of the peel off mask as well as two sachets will be sent out in the January MyGlam bags. The first sachet is the Pineapple Enzyme Mask which is supposed to "exfoliate while lightly moisturizing the skin." I've never tried the pineapple mask before, I've seen it at my local Walmart but never picked it up to try. I do have to warn those with allergies, if you're allergic to pineapple then DO NOT try this as it does contain Ananas Sativus (Pineapple Fruit) Extract.

The second sachet is the Goji Berry Hydration Mask which is suppose to be "perfect for T-Zone, Normal And Dry Skin Types" as well as "diminishes the appearance of large pores". I don't know about that I actually DO buy this mask simply because I do like how my skin feels after using it BUT it's never "diminished" my pores.

The full size tube is the peel-off cucumber mask which I've used and have a love-hate relationship with. I love it because it feels good on my face and I like how my skin feels after using it but I HATE it because it takes forever to dry and if you apply too much it drips down your face. It's also VERY sticky and a pain to wash off your hands and fingers.

The sachets cost any where from 99 cents to $1.99 depending on what store you pick it up at. At my local Walmart I think these retail for $1.17, I think, I really don't remember and unless I find my receipt from a few weeks ago I couldn't give you an honest answer on how much these actually cost. The 6 oz tube of the cucumber mask costs between $3.99 to $6.99 depending on what drugstore you get it at. I think the last time I bought mine it was between $4.50 and $5.50 but it was a very long time ago. I get so many facial masks that I haven't bought any full size ones in ages. The sachets I bought mainly for my daughters since I don't want them using my high end masks even if it a sample mask. Yup, I'm greedy.

I would have LOVED to have seen five of the sachets sent out instead of the large tube simply because I think people would be more inclined to go out and buy the big tubes of the sachet they liked instead of only having two variations to try. My other favorite Freeman masks are:
  • Dead Sea Minerals Facial Anti-Stress Mud Mask
  • Chocolate & Strawberry Detoxifying Clay Mask (which I'm actually going to use tonight)
  • Pink Grapefruit Facial Scrub
  • Apricot Creamy Facial Scrub (downside to this is that it does smell like apricots and I get hungry easily)
  • Mint and Lemon Clay Mask
I don't care for the Avocado & Oatmeal Clay Facial Mask or Cucumber Peel-Off Mask. I just don't like those two masks but that's just me, you might like them.

Sheer Cover Concealer Duo Compact By Leeza Gibbons
Retails: $19.95 on HSN

Remember when I wrote that I thought the questionnaire was odd? No? Well let me refresh your memory.
The questionnaire was odd and more suited to subscribing for shoes not makeup. There was no place to enter your skin color, your hair color or even your eye color.
So to me sending out something like a concealer is just so personal. It's like foundation how can you know it's the right shade for you if they don't know your skin coloring? I know there are three shades available on HSN but how does MyGlam know what you look like to pick the right concealer shade for you? I'm a funky yellow undertone girl where most foundations and concealers tend to be too orange or too pink. I know one girl on Make Up Talk said she's so fair that she has to mix white foundation into her the lightest MAC foundation (seriously, the girl has some gorgeous WHITE skin with what looks to be BLUE undertones).

This item seems like it has no place in the MyGlam bags until a later date once MyGlam has the ability to know what coloring you are. Personally I think this is just going to be a huge miss for those who get the wrong shade.

Wen Cleansing Condition by Wen
Retail: $29 & up

Have you heard of "co-washing"? If not then it simply means conditioner washing. Instead of using a normal shampoo you wash with conditioner instead and that's what WEN is - a conditioner used in place of a shampoo.

Co-washing is suppose to be better for your hair because it's not striping your hair of it's natural oils which in turn can cause your hair either to produce more oil, which leaves your hair looking more oily, or dry and frizzy.

I personally have never co-washed with WEN but I have with Suave Pro conditioner when my daughters have swiped my shampoo(s) and left me the conditioners behind and I'd be half way though my shower getting ready to wash my hair when I realize my shampoo is missing so I'd be forced to wash with the conditioner. I personally am not fond of co-washing but I then again I've never tried WEN before.

Shady Lady by The Balm
Retails: $16 each individual shadow

I heard of TheBalm but have never tried it so I'm actually excited for this one. I don't think that people will be getting three eye shadows and instead those are the three shades available and one will randomly be sent out. I love all three since those are colors I would wear so what ever color I get I'll be happy with.

*facepalm* I should have checked Sephora and the MyGlam source code because the source code has the shade names, least part of it, which I've confirmed on Sephora.

shadylady_alex_uploadweb.jpg = All About Alex (golden khaki olive)
shadylady_lusciouslani_upload_web.jpg = Luscious Lani (pink champagne on ice)
shadylady_shamelessshana_upload_web.jpg = Shameless Shana (tahitian bronze)

Hot Ticket nail polish by The Balm
Retail: $10 each (these use to be $8.50)

Again, I've never tried TheBalm products so I'm looking forward to these since I'm such a nail polish junkie. What ever color I get I'll be happy with. This nail polish hoarder collector loves her polishes.

So what do you think of this month's items? I'm so anxious to see my ship confirmation. I know my Birchbox is on it's way and I have no clue which box it is and so I'm REALLY excite for MyGlam since I DO know what's in it. Thoughts?

Edit: 1/12/12 -
Looks like my hunting was right on EXCEPT for TheBalm products - people either will get the eyeshadow OR the nail polish but not both AND it looks like the sachets from Freeman are not coming either. They finally updated and the new url is



  1. Despite the potential let down with the concealer I think this is going to be another awesome bag! I'm really surprised we are getting 5 items again, especially with all of them being full sizes - assuming the WEN is as well. I'm so glad I saw your My Glam post as soon as they launched and was able to get in on the fun! I'm also crossing my fingers for a mini Zoya/Stila in my Birchbox! It's a good month for beauty!

  2. I totally agree Krissy! January maybe freezing outside but it's definitely HOT in beauty samples. MyGlam is more certainly blowing the other subscription and samples services out of the water!

  3. Do you know anything about Platinum Box? I'm trying to decide which box of all the beauty (low cost) ones I want to subscribe to. I didn't know if this new company was legit or not. I like eco-emi a lot and the GoGoGirlfriend bonus boxes really are nice. Thanks!

  4. Sorry I do not. They're a new company that's set to launch at the end of January (first box set for February). I do remember they contacted me via Twitter a few months ago but completely forgot about them.

    After they launch and I find videos on YouTube about it I'll post about them.

  5. ooh I am definitely looking forward to my first Glam bag! I dropped Birchbox for it, so I hope that it will be awesome each month! =)

  6. Oh man, this is going to be my first bag and it doesn't seem too impressing to me considering I have all of theBalm's eyeshadows & I have their nail polish & the peel off mask. I think the only thing I'm looking forward to is trying the WEN product because I don't use any concealer =x But it is a good deal with theBalm's shadows for the ones who don't already own them!

  7. Platinum box seems like it's targeted towards men though.


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