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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Some posts from their wall if it helps anyone with any questions. Unfortunately they did not make it clear, on their website, which bag a person would get when they subscribed which caused lots of confusion and angry subscribers. Many people who subscribed after November 30 thought they would get a December bag and didn't see that MyGlam announced on Facebook that they were sold out of December bags by November 30.

Subscriptions are closed to new members as of December 19. Those who subscribed in November (by the 30th) did get a December bag and will be getting the January bag. Those who subscribed between December 1 to December 19 will be getting their first bag in January.

For those who did subscribe November 30 or earlier and who didn't get a bag in December they should contact MyGlam via the Assistly site especially those who did not get a tracking number by December 10. If you DID get a tracking number you can check the tracking page. All packages were shipped via USPS First Class Mail and not via Priority Mail.

Re: December bags.
Posted at November 30 at 10:43pm

Big news- We are now officially sold out of the December Glam Bag!! Thanks everyone for joining the MyGlam community! A limited number of January Glam Bags are now available on So join us now ♥ ♥ xoxo
Re: January bags.
Posted on December 2 at 9:19am

Oh no! We are almost sold out of the January Glam Bags!! If you are already a subscriber, no worries, you will be receiving yours automatically. If you are not yet subscribed, then there is a limited quantity available for a short time, so don't miss out!!

Posted on December 2 at 12:05pm

Hi all, We are all sold out and can't accept any new subscriptions. We'll work hard to find more products and hopefully can open up the subscriptions again soon.

If you already subscribed, you're in! You won't need to re-order. Thanks and xoxo
They were sold out of January subscriptions (to new members) by December 2 but on December 16 were able to take a few more subscribers.
Posted on December 16 at 6:44am

NEW SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE NOW OPEN! Avid fans and early birds, You're going to be the lucky ones to know first! There's only a limited number of subscriptions available so be sure to sign up for your MyGlam Glam Bag NOW at!

January's subscriptions sold out sometime Monday early morning on the 19th.

Posted on December 18 at 9:22pm

Unfortunately, we are almost sold out of new subscriptions. If you were still thinking about it, go to and get yours now before it's too late. Since we'll likely sell out in the middle of the night USA-time, we'll see you bright and early on Monday. ** Stay tuned for lots of giveaways next week!! **

ps - If you've already subscribed, you will continue to receive your Glam Bags, so no need to worry :D
They are currently closed to new subscribers. IF it reopens in December then the bag should be a January bag. If they don't reopen until January then new subscribers will get the February bag.

A few more things to point out.

ALL subscribers, regardless of when they subscribe and purchase a subscription are immediately charged for the following month's box. So those who subscribed and paid between December 1 and 19th were charged for their January bag.

Those who subscribed in November should see a charge for their January bag on the day they subscribed. I know MyGlam has in their FAQs that "For the first month, you will be billed immediately after you subscribe. For any future months, you will be billed on the first day of the month" but that's not true. I signed up November 23rd and was billed immediately then again on December 23rd for my January bag which means that it is possible for those who subscribed after December 1st to be charged for February's bag on January 1st. I don't know if MyGlam is working on fixing the problem or not.


  1. I really appreciate everything you are doing to help with answering everyone's questions. But I have a quick question. Do you think the myglam website is a safe and secure one. I saw someone post on their facebook wall about it earlier and someone said that they had an authorized transaction on their credit card. I am excited to have a myglam subscription but I am scared my information has already been stolen.

  2. "Do you think the myglam website is a safe and secure one."

    Yes and no. The reason the page is not secure is because certificate is broken. They have a security certificate but it's just not set up correctly.

    Would I recommend MyGlam under this circumstance? No, not until that certificate issue is taken care of. If MyGlam had an 888 to sign up for a subscription then I would say sure but at this time I still think there is still a risk albeit a small one. Basically, give your credit/debit card info at your own risk.

  3. well I just signed back up after cancelling my subscription because their website now says http when going through check out so I assume they fixed their certificate.


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