DIY: Tinted Primers

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DIY Tinted Primers

If you like tinted/colored primers but hate the price then why not make your own?

What you will need:
  1. A clear primer or silicone. You can buy straight silicone from companies like TKB Trading or Coastal Scents. You can even use the Monistat Soothing Care Chafing Relief gel if you want. I used Hard Candy's Sheer Envy ($8 for 1.6 oz).
  2. Color correctors/mixing base colors. I bought mine at Coastal Scents for $16.95. Individual colors are $3.95 if I recall correctly. Temptu Pro makes a color correcting set as well and it's $45. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics has a mini set for $30.

    Note: These color correctors from Coastal Scents have been discontinued.
  3. A clean storage container. I obtained mine from my local JCPenney Sephora but you can use something like a baby food jar or even one of those mini round containers from Glad.
  4. A plastic mixing spoon or the end of a eyeshadow/liner brush.
Tinted Primer
Squeeze out a small amount of clear primer into a clean container then add two drops of the color corrector you want. Mix well. If you want it a darker add more of the color you're using.

Purple Tinted Primer
Squeeze out a small amount of clear primer add one drop red and one drop blue and mix. If you want a lighter purple add white. Be careful because you can go too dark quickly.

The Coastal Scents Color Corrector can stain your skin so wear gloves when possible.

Edit: It was recommended to me, on Makeup Talk, that you can also use a clean shot glass and something like a chop stick to mix the product in before pouring into the container so there is less contamination. GREAT IDEA! Shot glasses are small enough to make small batches of tinted/colored primer but big enough to mix the products together.

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