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Thursday, July 07, 2011

An online friend of mine, Bonnie, over at Makeup Talk was lucky to have gone to IMATS in Los Angeles. She posted several images of items including stuff she bought. Unfortunately one of the items she posted, and bought, was from Two Cosmetics and it was something I recognized immediately from Lady Burd Cosmetics.

Here's my original post:

I saw Bonnie picked up a color wheel from Two Cosmetics (see her post for the pic). I saw a few other pictures yesterday on Facebook and noticed one of the booths - not sure if it's just Two Cosmetics or another company as well - that have "Color Wheels" from Lady Burd cosmetics.

Image by Bonnie for Makeup Talk.

Lady Burd is a private label manufacture and people contract with them to buy cosmetics with their own label on it. Other companies that use Lady Burd are Bitch Slap Cosmetics and Gretchen Christine Cosmetics (if you're a Real Housewives of Orange County fan you've heard of her line).

Now Bitch Slap and Two Cosmetics are selling Paint Wheels which are NOT SAFE for the eyes and on Lady Burd's website it clearly states that. I know, by Bonnie's pic, that Two Cosmetics has renamed their paint wheel (specifically they're calling Lady Burd's Carnival as Trixie) and I don't know if they included Lady Burd's warning or not.

Screencap from Lady Burd.

So folks, if you're considering buying the paint wheels ask them if those wheels are eye safe, if they say yes do not buy ANY products from them since the person is being dishonest. If they say no then they're honest and you know to use at your own risk.

Edit #1: I found their Facebook page and saw they posted their own picture. They're calling the Paint Wheels "True Colors" and I've asked them, on Facebook, if the products are eye safe. I already know the answer and it's no. Let's hope they answer truthfully.

Image from Two Cosmetics.

Edit #2: Found their website and it looks as if they are being dishonest since they list their "True Colors" in the EYES section. These are NOT EYE SAFE. They also renamed their colors from the Lady Burd colors (Bitch Slap kept the names as did a couple of indie companies that buy from Lady Burd - look on Youtube for videos on the matter). Lady Burd names marked with * are NOT eye safe.

Lady Burd Two Cosmetics
Waverunner* bubbles
Wonderland* candy
Nebula * destiny
Fireplace* ginger
Nightfall lola
Roulette* savannah
Beach Ball* sierra
Sprite* summer
Carnival* trixie

Edit #3.: Forgot to mention. On Lady Burd's site the Paint Wheels are not found in the Eyes section but in the FACE. The colors are safe to use on the face but not on or near the eyes.

Screencap from Lady Burd.

Screencap from Two Cosmetics.

Edit #4: Disclaimer: At this time, until Two Cosmetics replies with an answer to if the products are eye safe or not it is possible that they mislabeled their product as an eye item since the description states "in-your-face". If you buy be warned that Lady Burd's website states it is NOT eye safe and Two Cosmetics has no such warning on their site. Use at your own risk.

Here's my follow up post:

I was asked by someone via PM if I was sure about Two Cosmetics selling Lady Burd products.

There is no doubt now in my mind that Two Cosmetics is selling Lady Burd AND unethically selling it as EYE safe when Lady Burd has stated that the items are NOT eye safe. Here's how I can prove it.

The column on the left contains the name of Paint Wheels as Lady Burd calls the item. The column on the right contains the name of the Two Cosmetics' "Paint" (as they call it) using the names that they call each item BUT notice the name of the images. The image names in their url is that of Lady Burd's products.

The links are to the images and to the products so you can see for yourself.

Lady Burd Two Cosmetics
Beach Ball*

Lady Burd clearly has the Paint Wheels (as they call it) in the "Dramatic All Overs" section ( of their site NOT the "Eyes" section. They also clearly state in big bold letters at the top of the Paint Wheels page:


All but Nightfall (which Two Cosmetics call their product as Lola) contain the *.

There is no doubt in my mind that Two Cosmetics is being dishonest and deceptive to customers by listing the product in their EYES section ( when the products are not eye safe.

I did send Two Cosmetics an e-mail asking if the wheels were eye safe and this is their reply:

yes, safe for eyes, all over the face, body...can be used wet or dry.

-----Original Message-----
From: two cosmetics []
Sent: Sunday, June 26, 2011 1:43 PM
To: sales
Subject: Contact Form

Comment: Quick question on your True Paint

( Is it eye safe? I noticed it's listed in the eyes section but the description states as face but nothing about the eyes. Is it safe to use on the eyes?

Liar, liar. I've already proven those are Lady Burd's paint wheels since their image names are the EXACT names of Lady Burd's paint wheels and they look EXACTLY like Lady Burd's. The wheels are NOT eye safe.

I sent them a follow up on that e-mail basically calling them out since the paint wheels are from Lady Burd. Despite the fact that they, Two Cosmetics, renamed the items on their site they forgot to rename the images to cover their tracks. Even it they did it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that the Two Cosmetic paint wheels are exactly the same as Lady Burd's.

Now I'm not telling people not to buy the paint wheels but rather be aware of what you're buying. The items are NOT eye safe and to me any company that lies - especially when it comes to safety - is a company to be avoided.


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