WARNING about ELF's new Bright Eye Edition Beauty Book

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I already knew that the dark brown with shimmer (third row, fourth column - basically the last color in the set) was very pigmented but I didn't realized HOW pigmented it really was until I began doing my FOTD makeup and ended up losing one of my sponges due to the fall out (fall out was my fault since I forgot to dampen my brush first). I went to wash my face because I didn't realize it was going to be very heavy and not very friendly to wiping it off with the sponge. It was bad. Even after I washed my sponge with hot water and soap then hot water and pink soap and finally hot water and dish washer liquid I realized the sponge was toast. My white tipped brush faired no different but I let that sit in pink soap and it came out though my brush isn't pure off-white any more. LOL

So if you get the Bright Eye Edition from ELF's Beauty Book be warned that gorgeous brown with shimmer is EVIL. LOL

ELF Beautybook Bright Eye Edition

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