Storage Idea for Loose Pigments & Broken Shadows

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Don't throw away your broken shadows, crush them up and save them to use as a loose shadow. (You could also fix a broken shadow by pressing it with a coin and alcohol.) You can also transfer your loose pigments into the screw top jars and store them in a nice clear box. If you're really organized you can create as many as you want for different colors. Have one for browns, another for greens, another for blues, reds, purples, etc. It's up to your imagination and collection on what you can do with this idea.

Idea for this storage system came from another member of so credit goes to her for this idea!

Bead system @ Walmart - under $9 for 24 jars plus the clear case.

FTC Disclaimer: Bead storage system purchased by me at my local Walmart. For my own personal use. Not compensated by or affiliated with Walmart or any of the companies mentioned in this video.

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