Sephora Collection: Color Wand For Lips

Saturday, December 04, 2010

I bought the Sephora Collection: Color Wand For Lips in 01 Nymph for my eldest daughter's 16th birthday. It arrived yesterday along with the Double-Ended Grab'n Go Brush ($7). Not sure if the double-ended brush is discontinued but I lucked out when I ordered since in my own account it showed up as "not in stock" but in my daughter's it did so I bought it through her account.

Image is from - 01 Nymph is on the far right.

The size of the product is slightly larger than a dollar bill with each mini-gloss roughly the width of an adult woman's thumb (least my thumb's width). My daughter LOVES this little lip gloss wand with the six colors ranging from clear to a dark rosy pink. She wants the other two color wands - 02 Siren & 03 Muse.

The middle color of the wand is a peachy glitter gloss that is similar to her old MAC Lipglass. We think it was actually the Dazzleglass in Smile (she's "fairly certain") but aren't sure since it's been a while since she had it. She likes the colors and I'm sure it'll be all used up by the end of December since she's a "lip gloss fanatic" (her words).

The only thing I dislike about this item is the very small amount of product you get for the $10 but it's a good try before you buy the larger tubes of lip glosses since you're not committing to a large tube of lip gloss that you may not like.

Disclaimer: Purchased for personal use.

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